Esalen Institute, 1992
Predicting the future is seldom a sure thing but that didn''t stop Rupert, Ralph and Terence in this trialogue at Esalen back in '92. Many of the issues they discuss remain unresolved today, long past the turn of the millennium and 2012.

What is the nature of the political and social world that we should construct for ourselves and for our children? The problem of future-phobia within our society. How can society be reconstructed and improved? The crisis in values in our society. The incompatibility of capitalism and democracy. The need for intervention. Rethinking the notion of freedom. Could the idea of the eschaton be working against change? The need for leadership with positive guiding visions. Where will the new positive vision come from? What could trigger the next major shift? The return to local communities. A native peoples' intervention. The danger of pretending that catastrophe is not probable. What kind of miracle could help avert catastrophe? The need for mathematical models to aid environmental and economic interventions.

Electronic feudalism. Terence's view on and the fractionalisation and feudalisation of the world. The dangers of materialism. The need for the empowerment of women worldwide. The resurgence of shamanic practice. The need for social transformation and a vision on the mythological level. A way to achieve zero population growth. The psychedelic revival in England. The need for a collective vision quest. Entheogens and religion. The post-catastrophic world society. Crisis will force change. What is the true mission of humanity? Questions and answers: The eschaton as eraser of boundaries. 2012.