Esalen Institute, 1992
Chapter 2 of The Evolutionary Mind. Exploring the connection between mathematics and the experience of the logos. The psychedelic and computer revolutions of the 1960s helped cause the rebirth of mathematics. Maths as a language of space-time pattern. To what extent could the psychedelic vision of the logos be externalised through supercomputers? Will this technology enable us to communicate and share our experience of space-time pattern? Computer-graphic displays lack the emotional intensity of a psychedelic experience. In what ways can mathematical vision serve the spirit and extend the mind? Mathematical notation. Is mathematics a way to generate deep meaning? How could expanding our visual linguistic capability enhance our connection to the world? Visual language as a kind of telepathy.. The differences between print lineal cultures and oral aboriginal cultures.. Are we undergoing a transition from print to visual culture? The new forms of media that are shaping our culture. Could this new media enhance our connection to the natural world? The misuse of new technologies. Language as a new frontier in natural history. Using technology to try to understand language. Mathematics is part of the natural world. Ralph explains the importance of mathematics.


The Future of Humanity Complete Trialogue Anthology