Rupert joins Robert Plomin, Anne Bowcock, Bret Weinstein, David Pearce, Güneş Taylor, Jacob Appel, Kári Stefánsson, Matt Ridley, and Natalie Kofler to discuss current trends in genetics. They unpack the intricate relationship between genetics and human traits, challenging deterministic views and exploring the ethical frontier of 'designer babies.' The panel questions the extent to which genetics can be manipulated to achieve societal equality, and scrutinizes the promises and pitfalls of genetic research.

00:00 Introduction
00:38 DNA (Anne Bowcock)
04:46 Nature vs nurture (Robert Plomin, Matt Ridley)
13:44 CRISPR and gene editing (Natalie Kofler, Güneş Taylor, Bret Weinstein)
22:05 Eugenics (David Pearce, Kári Stefánsson, Jacob Appel)
28:36 Sequencing the genome (Rupert Sheldrake)