Sep 17, 2014: In Los Angeles Rupert had a remarkable two-and-a-half hour conversation with Joe Rogan, the host of an immensely popular podcast. Their discussion was far-ranging, covering wolves, morphic resonance, epigenetics, Christianity, atheism, psychedelics, telepathy, intuition, and their experiences with their own children.

Topics Covered in This Video

Part 1
morphic resonance - definition of
William McDougal rat test
blue tits / chickadees

Part 2 beginning at 0:17:14
human beings start off as a blank slate
inheriting the fears of fathers – study
Steven Rose challenge – chicks study
rat poison industry – warfarin rat poison
bass fishing and the need for new lures -

Part 3 beginning at 0:24:54
the birth of the concept of morphic resonance
how auxin works
Morphogenetic fields and inheritance
confirming morphic resonance - ends
the Genome project – the overrating of genes – 5% success
the missing heritability problem

Part 4 beginning at 0:37:04
acetone phoneme – no conventional theories explain - the passing down of information
the falling apart of the standard gene model
Soviet Biology – Cold War of Biology - the treasure of information in The Soviet union
Epigentic Inheritance
Joe Rogans examples from his life of Morphic Resonance
Rupert’s examples from his family ends

Part 5 beginning at 0:47:17
Children afraid of monsters - Fear of the dark – man the hunted
Bird shadows

Part 6 beginning at 0:57:13
Biological life transferring information beyond genetics
The resistance of the magazine Nature to the presentation of Morphic Resonance
Charles Darwin – the hypothesis of pangenesis – similarity to Morphic Resonance

Part 7 beginning at 1:03:20
The acceptance of the Christian faith to Darwin
Explanation of the birth of the Church of England
The development of creationism and fundamentalists in America
The Reagan electoral base – recruiting radical christians
The Sword of the Lord book
The switching of Democrats and Republicans in America

Part 8 beginning at 1:12:25
Why is Rupert a Christian? – his journey through atheism.
Doubting the mechanistic world view
The discovery of psychedelics
Contacting other forms of consciousness outside of our brains
Individual vertical takeoff
Catholic means universal

Part 9 beginning at 1:21:19
Western influence causing change in India
Father Bead
Enculturation Movement – putting the terms of Christian faith into the culture
Liberation Theology – South America

Part 10 beginning at 1:29:05
The dark side of Catholicism
Celibate life issues
Repression of sexuality
Being a Christian as a scientist

Part 11 beginning at 1:35:28
Psychedelic exploration
DMT trips
The psychedelic trip of being baptised – before litigation - 1:41:30
Ordeal poisoning
Acacia bush – soaked in DMT
Being knowledge bliss

Part 12 beginning at 1:46:02
Sacred cows – Soma
Magic mushrooms
Scared animals in India – the domestication of animals
Amanita mushroom
Festival of Holi – India

Part 13 beginning at 1:56:07
Sense of being starred at
Threat awareness
Joe Rogan discusses misrepresentation of martial artist

Part 14 beginning at 2:05:01
Experimental design on threat assessment
Staring experiments
How doubt effects

Part 15 beginning at 2:14:02
Telepathy tests and intuition
Feeling the future

Part 16 beginning at 2:23:32
Emerging aspect of the development of humans
Telepathy of dogs
Mothers and babies – milk let down
Morphic field of a social group – team sports