Related Research
The Sense of Being Stared At: An Automated Test on the Internet, Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 2008
by Rupert Sheldrake, Charles Overby and Ashwin Beeharee

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Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman 2:36

Is There a Sixth Sense? from the TV series Through the Wormhole, with Morgan Freeman.

Research Paper
A Filmed Experiment on Telephone Telepathy with the Nolan Sisters, Journal of the Society for Psychical Research 2004
by Rupert Sheldrake, Hugo Godwin and Simon Rockell

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A Filmed Experiment on Telephone Telepathy with the Nolan Sisters 5:46

An experiment with telephone telepathy filmed for Channel 5 TV in the UK.

Research Paper
A Dog That Seems To Know When His Owner is Coming Home : Videotaped Experiments and Observations, Journal of Scientific Exploration 2000
by Rupert Sheldrake and Pamela Smart

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Jaytee - A Dog Who Knew When His Owner Was Coming Home 5:36

A filmed experiment with Rupert, Pam Smart and her dog Jaytee, by the Science Unit of ORF, Vienna.

ITV Program: The Man with the Extended Mind

A 2006 TV program about Rupert, with experiments on phantom limbs and the sense of being stared at. Originally aired on November 7th, 2006 on UK ITV.

Documentary: Seven Experiments that could Change the World

Do you and your pet have a psychic link? Why is it that you can often "feel" someone staring at you? How do pigeons home? These are just some of the simple questions posed by Dr Rupert Sheldrake. Witness first hand the dramatic answers in easy, inexpensive experiments you can perform yourself. The results could very well change how you view the world.

Released in 1996 by Wellspring Media and Rupert Sheldrake, produced and directed by Rupert Hitzig.