Excerpt: Can Theories Work Without Evidence? 48:47

Debate with Massimo Pigliucci and CERN physicist Tara Shears

A debate at the 2016 "How The Light Gets In" Festival, at Hay-on-Wye, with Rupert Sheldrake, philosopher Massimo Pigliucci and CERN physicist Tara Shears, chaired by Philip Ball.

Does matter exist? 35:26

Debate with Metaphysician John Heil and Philosopher Daniel Stoljar

Rupert debates the existence of matter with American metaphysician John Heil and Australian philosopher of mind Daniel Stoljar, 2015.

Beyond the Machine: Metaphors of the Body 34:12

Surprise Debate with Daniel Dennett

After the debate proper, with Oxford neuroscientist Colin Blakemore and award-winning novelist Joanna Kavenna, Rupert had an unplanned debate with Daniel Dennett, who was in the audience. Catch that near the end at 29:45.

A Glorious Accident - the PBS Series

In this 1993 documentary on PBS, Journalist Wim Kayzer interviewed Oliver Sacks, Daniel C. Dennett, Stephen Jay Gould, Rupert Sheldrake, Freeman Dyson, and Stephen Toulmin individually before bringing them together for a roundtable discussion to consider a variety of broad questions. Watch an excerpt from the discussion as well as Rupert's interview.

Homing Pigeons
The Habits of Nature