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The Virtues of Enlightenment

In this Science Set Free podcast, Rupert Sheldrake and Mark Vernon discuss the evolution of ethics, from its deep roots in our nature as social animals to its expansive possibilities for our spiritual potential.

Why is there so much beauty in the world?

A talk on the nature of beauty and its role in the evolution of plants and animals.

Science & Spiritual Practices, Temenos Academy Lecture

Rupert summarizes the latest scientific research on what happens when we take part in many common spiritual practices.


Rupert talks Science and Spiritual Practices with Brian Rose of the popular channel London Real, 2018.

The Revival of Pilgrimage

In recent years huge numbers of people have taken to old pilgrimage routes in a revival of this ancient spiritual practice.

Science Vs God: Rupert speaks with Russell Brand

A conversation between Rupert and the comedian and philosopher Russell Brand on November 3, 2017.

Psychedelic Experience and Morphic Resonance

Rupert's talk at Breaking Convention 2017: the 4th International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness, the University of Greenwich London, June 30th, 2017.


LONDON REAL Dialogue with host Brian Rose (46:32)

Jan 2nd, 2018: Brian Rose dialogues with Rupert about Science and Spiritual Practices. Also don't miss their trialogue from 2012 with Nic Gabriel on The Science Delusion.

Science Vs God: Rupert speaks with Russell Brand (1:04:12)

Nov 3rd, 2017: A conversation between Rupert and the comedian and philosopher Russell Brand.

Missing Evidence - Can Theories Work Without Evidence? (48:47)

A dialogue at the 2016 "How The Light Gets In" Festival, at Hay-on-Wye, with Rupert Sheldrake, philosopher Massimo Pigliucci and CERN physicist Tara Shears, chaired by Philip Ball.

It's an Immaterial World: Does matter exist? (35:26)

Rupert debates the existence of matter with American metaphysician John Heil and Australian philosopher of mind Daniel Stoljar, 2015.

The Nature of the Mind: Krishnamurti, Bohm, Hidley and Sheldrake In 4 Parts (57:33, 57:46, 58:54, 55:08)

In 1982 J. Krishnamurti, David Bohm, John Hidley and Rupert Sheldrake came together to discuss the roots of psychological disorder, psychological suffering, the need for security and what is a healthy mind.

Interview With Joe Rogan (2:35:51)

Sep 17, 2014: A remarkable conversation with Joe Rogan, the host of an immensely popular podcast. Their discussion was far-ranging, covering wolves, morphic resonance, epigenetics, Christianity, atheism, psychedelics, telepathy and intuition.

Science Beyond the Superstitions of Materialism (28:21)

A discussion between Deepak Chopra and Rupert Sheldrake, 2014.

Beyond the Machine: Metaphors of the Body (34:12)

Oxford neuroscientist Colin Blakemore, award-winning novelist Joanna Kavenna and Rupert Sheldrake reimagine the human being, with a surprise intervention by Daniel Dennett, and Rupert's response to him. From iai, 2014.

Trialogues at the Edge of the Millennium In 3 Parts (1:09:33, 1:07:48, 54:48)

Rupert, Terence McKenna and Ralph Abraham examine the evolution of the mind in language, the machine and at the edge of the millennium. University of California, Santa Cruz, June 6th, 1998.

Trialogues on Chaos, Creativity and Imagination (1:14:36)

Rupert, Terence McKenna and Ralph Abraham examine chaos, creativity and imagination in nature, life, Gaia, mathematics and more. Esalen Institute, 1995.

Trialogue on Psychedelics and Mathematical Vision (1:48:26)

Rupert, Terence McKenna and Ralph Abraham examine maths as a language of space-time pattern, the psychedelic vision of the logos be externalised through supercomputers, and more. Esalen Institute, 1992.

Trialogue on Crop Circles (57:21)

Rupert reports on his crop circle investigation, including an international crop circle making competition. Terence McKenna and Ralph Abraham discuss. Esalen Institute, 1992.

Challenging Dogmas in Science (44:41)

David Lorimer in discussion with Rupert and Dr Peter Fenwick, from The Scientific and Medical Network.

A Glorious Accident - the PBS Series

In this 1993 documentary on PBS, Journalist Wim Kayzer interviewed Oliver Sacks, Daniel C. Dennett, Stephen Jay Gould, Rupert Sheldrake, Freeman Dyson, and Stephen Toulmin individually before bringing them together for a roundtable discussion to consider a variety of broad questions. Watch an excerpt from the discussion as well as Rupert's interview.

Homing Pigeons
The Habits of Nature

A Quest Beyond the Limits of the Ordinary (1:37)

Rupert speaks with Bruce Lipton about cells, minds and morphic fields. From The Prophets Conference; Shoreline Conference center, Seattle, Aug 10th, 2007.

Thinking Allowed with Dr Jeffrey Mishlove (17:00)

In this episode of the Public Television program Thinking Allowed, host Jeffrey Mishlove and Rupert Sheldrake discuss the concepts presentend in A New Science of Life and further developed in The Presence of the Past.


A Filmed Experiment on Telephone Telepathy with the Nolan Sisters (5:46)

An experiment with telephone telepathy filmed for Channel 5 TV in the UK.

The Man with the Extended Mind In 4 Parts (5:44, 5:45, 6:18, 5:13)

A film about Rupert's research and experiments shown on UK ITV channel on November 7th, 2006.

Jaytee - A Dog Who Knew When His Owner Was Coming Home: The ORF Experiment (5:36)

Research by Rupert Sheldrake and Pam Smart. A film by the Science Unit of ORF, Vienna.

Science and Spirituality

The Revival of Pilgrimage (7:29)

In recent years huge numbers of people have taken to old pilgrimage routes in a revival of this ancient spiritual practice.

Science and Spiritual Practices: Schumacher College Lecture (58:46)

On January 29th, 2014, Rupert gave this lecture to students at Schumacher College in the UK.

Can Science and Religion partner in a new phase of human exploration? (26:44)

Science as an institution has come to resemble dogmatic religion in its adherence to outmoded or ill-founded notions, particularly regarding materialism. But perhaps a path is opening up, allowing science and religion to progress together in a complementary way.

The Science Delusion

TEDx Whitechapel – The 'Banned' Talk (18:19)

On January 12th, 2013, Rupert gave a talk entitled The Science Delusion at TEDxWhitechapel; also available with Russian translation.

Science Set Free In 2 Parts (30:08, 27:42)

Rupert's lecture at the Electric Universe Conference, January 5th, 2013.

The Science Delusion: Temenos Academy Lecture (1:19:06)

Rupert's Temenos Academy Lecture 6th February 2012. Dispelling the The Ten Dogmas of Materialism and Freeing the Spirit of Enquiry; also available with Russian translation.


The Extended Mind:  Experimental evidence for the effects of attention at a distance. Goldsmiths College, 2017 (1:27:27)

The standard assumption is that minds are located inside heads. But many mental phenomena, including vision, suggest that minds are far more extensive than brains.

The Evolution of Telepathy: The Perrott-Warrick Lecture (1:03:06)

The Perrott-Warrick lecture at Trinity College, Cambridge University, February 9th, 2011.

What if Telepathy Really Happens? (54:06)

Rupert's Lecture at Goldsmiths College, University of London, Nov 21st, 2006.

The Extended Mind: Recent Experimental Evidence (1:37:42)

Rupert's Google Tech Talk, September 2nd, 2008.

Morphic Resonance

The Habits of Nature (31:10)

This 30 min talk from the How The Light Gets In festival, 2014, is one of the best non-technical summaries of the idea that nature forms habits rather than laws, evolving overtime through morphic resonance.

Morphic Resonance, Collective Memory and the Habits of Nature (1:03:19)

Rupert's Lecture at Goldsmiths College, University of London, Jan 20th 2009.

The Morphogenetic Universe (1:20:27)

Ruperts Lecture at the Biology of Transformation Conference, London, September 22nd, 2007

Morphic Resonance talk at the IGEEM (1:11:16)

Rupert was a Keynote Speaker at the 2013 International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine (IGEEM).

Additional Videos

Psychedelic Experience And Morphic Resonance (25:36)

Rupert's talk at Breaking Convention 2017: the 4th International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness, the University of Greenwich London, June 30th, 2017.

The 2015 Vegetable Sermon in Shoreditch Parish Church (41:37)

Thomas Fairchild was a pioneering plant breeder who lived in Shoreditch, in the East End of London. When he died in 1729, he left a legacy for a "Vegetable Sermon" to be preached each year in Shoreditch Parish Church in the week following Pentecost on "the wonderful works of God in creation". This sermon, on May 15, 2015, by Rupert Sheldrake, was on flowers.

Doshi Bridgebuilder Award (1:44:48)

On September 16, 2014, Rupert received the Doshi Bridgebuilder Award at Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles. The award is given annually "to honor an individual or organization dedicated to fostering understanding between cultures, peoples and disciplines."

Is There a Sixth Sense? Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman (2:36)

Rupert was featured on the TV series Through the Wormhole, with Morgan Freeman.

Heretics of Science (29:00)

Heretics of Science was a BBC series of 6 episodes from 1994 showcasing controversial theories by mavericks in mainstream science. This episode featured Rupert and his work.

Science Set Free: Dispelling Dogmas and Opening New Frontiers (59:26)

Rupert at the Conference on the Physics Chemistry and Biology of Water in Bulgaria on October 22nd, 2013