Setting Science Free from Materialism PDF
Rupert's Latest Article from Explore 2013; 9:211-218 & 2013 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved

The Public Understanding of Science
Rupert's article from The Oxford Magazine Fifth week, Trinity Term 2008

The Science Delusion
Rupert's article on the Huffington Post blog, November 2012

Family Planning PDF
Nature Vol, 250, p 180 July 19 1974
Letter from Rupert to Nature

Public Engagement in Science Funding

Public Engagement in Science Funding
Nature, 18 November 2004

Set Them Free
New Scientist, April 19, 2003

Really Popular Science
New York Times, January 4th 2003

One per cent for Fringe Scientists
Die Zeit, July 11, 2002

Science Education

Personally Speaking
New Scientist, July 19, 2001

Are we active? Or should the passive be used? PDF
School Science Review, 2004 86, 8-10

Be More Active in Reports PDF
Times Educational Supplement, January 7, 2005

Other Topics

Family Orchards
Rupert's Latest Article from Resurgence/The Ecologist

Prayer: A Challenge for Science PDF
Noetic Sciences Review (Summer 1994 ). 30, 4-9

The Crop Circle Making Competition PDF
Rupert's article from Michellany: A John Michell Reader, (2010) pp72-76, Michellany Editions, London.

The Unbearable Brightness of Being Right
Rupert reviews Daniel Dennett's book Breaking the Spell.

Rupert's Replies to the Reality Club Questions

Every year, the New York literary agent John Brockman asks a question of scientists and science writers.

2009: What will change everything?
Rupert's Reply: The Credit Crunch for Materialism
Answers from other members

2008: What have you changed your mind about? Why?
Rupert's Reply: The Skepticism of Believers

2006: What is your dangerous idea?
Rupert's Reply: A Sense of Direction Involving New Scientific Principles

2005: What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?
Rupert's Reply: Most of The So-Called Laws of Nature Are More Like Habits