Morphic Resonance

The hypothesis of formative causation proposes that morphic fields are responsible for the characteristic form and organization of systems at all levels of complexity, from atomic nuclei to galactic clusters.

The Sense of Being Stared At

The ability to detect someone staring at you is commonly reported and readily testible. Over a decade of research here illustrates the wide implications for the nature of vision and the extention of mind.


Research on telepathy in connection with telephone calls, text messages and emails, including a filmed experiment with the Nolan sisters. Plus apparent telepathy between babies and nursing mothers.

Consciousness Studies

Much of my research relates to the nature of consciousness. My recent paper on the possibility of solar consciousness, and my published work in the Journal of Consciousness Studies are provided here.

Animal Powers

A series of papers on the unexplained powers of animals, from dogs who know when their owners are coming home to cats avoiding trips to the Vet to a telepathic talking parrot.

End-of-Life Experiences

Drawing from case reports submitted by pet owners, researchers examine similarities between these ELEs in animals and those reported in near-death states in humans.

Plant and Cell Biology

Extensive research on plant biology covering auxin transport, hormone production, cell differentiation, the ageing and death of cells, crop physiology, and the philosophy of biology.

Joint Attention

Joint attention is the shared focus of two or more individuals on the same object. Here I present my research using the joint attention test on this website.

Experimenter Effects

Measuring the influence of bias, belief and expectation on experimental outcomes has received little attention. I have attempted to quantify this lack of attention in different fields of science.

Form from Sound

The remarkable wave patterns that can be produced when sound vibrates matter have been a subject of fascination for centuries.

Appeal for Information

Did your pet with dementia regain lucidity before death?

Can you tell whether a house is occupied or not?

Does your cat know who's calling?

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