Sorry, this experiment is on hold for the time being.

Can you feel when someone wants to get in touch with you online? This test takes only about 10 minutes, and involves two friends or family members.

Many people have had the experience of thinking of someone who then calls on the phone, or sends them an email or a text message. Research by Rupert Sheldrake and others has shown in controlled experiments that this is more than chance coincidence. There seems to be an element of telepathy in the process. Does something similar happen with messages sent on Facebook? This app is designed to find out and we hope you will help with this research by trying it.

How it works

You and 2 friends need to open up the app at the same time. Using the buttons below, one of you starts a test and the others join it. You will be chosen at random to message another participant, and to try and guess who is contacting you. This will be repeated 6 times. When taking the test, just carry on doing whatever you were doing. You will be given an audio notification (make sure your sound is turned on) when you need to send or guess. Otherwise, you don't have to pay attention to the test. The whole process should last about ten minutes and you will be told how well you did at the end.