TED "Bans" the Science Delusion

In 2013, TED removed Rupert’s TEDx talk on The Science Delusion from its website after protests from militant materialists. With 7.4 million views since its "banning" it continues challenging those who would see it suppressed.


Essays and other constructive reflections by scientists and philosophers relating to Rupert's scientific ideas, including a dialogue with the late David Bohm, a leading quantum physicist.

Morphic Resonance, Heretical or Visionary?

To the editor of Nature Rupert's first book, A New Science of Life, was "the best candidate for burning there has been for many years." Others felt differently, sparking a controversy that continues to this day.

Magicians Attack Research on Dogs

The two biggest attackers of Rupert’s research on dogs are both magicians with no experience of research on animal behaviour. James Randi and Richard Wiseman are experts in misdirection, but their attempts to vanish scientific evidence have failed.


Never one to shy away from a good debate, over the years Rupert has locked horns with a number of prominent skeptics and scientists of note.

Wikipedia Hijacked by Dogmatists

The world's most democratic encyclopedia in theory falls short in practice, as the case of Rupert's Wikipedia entry abundantly illustrates. See how far some are willing to go to distort the truth to fit their materialist belief system.

About the Skeptics

Who are the skeptics attacking Rupert's research; what motivates them? Is their skepticism healthy or is it dogma in disguise?

Trouble With Telepathy

No matter how convincing the evidence or how rigorous the experiments, telepathy seems too threatening or too dissonant for hardened materialists to risk looking at.