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Can you tell who is calling? In this test there are three participants, who can use either mobile phones or landlines. In each test, one of these people is the receiver and the other two are potential callers. The test involves 6 trials, and for each trial, the caller is selected at random. The receiver then guesses which of the two other people is the caller, before being connected. Each trial lasts less than 2 minutes and is free.

Register for the test by putting in your own name and telephone number and then enter the names and numbers of two friends or family members. If you supply a user name and password you will be able to go back and retrieve all these details at any time to save re-entering them. You will be able to initiate the test whenever you want and will be asked to select windows of time during which all three participants will be available to take part in the test. At a randomly-selected time during these windows of opportunity, the system will select one of the two callers and call them, asking them to think about the receiver and then when they are ready initiate a call by pressing 1. The receiver will then receive a call, and the caller ID will say ‘Telephone Telepathy Test’. He or she will be asked to guess which of the two callers is on the line waiting to speak, and will asked to press 1 for one of these callers and 2 for the other. As soon as the guess has been registered the line opens up and the caller and receiver can talk to each other. After a random time delay a new trial is initiated. This happens until all 6 trials have been completed and at the end all participants will be told the results of the test.

This test can be repeated at any time, but please make sure that the other two people are free to take part before starting a new test.

It may sound complicated but it’s quite easy and you will be given clear instructions as you go along.

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