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The experiment is simple: one party stares at a video feed of the other at random intervals. As a subject, you must guess if you're being stared at. That's it! The experiment relies on new browser technology for sharing video. Your system is unrecognized and may not be supported.Make sure you're using the latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Opera. Chrome on an Android device will also work. IE and Safari users need to install this plugin first.

We hope to determine if face-on staring is easier to detect or not, and if more observers enhances the effect. We're also interested in whether physical distance between subject and observer has any effect, or if emotional closeness is involved.

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  1. An experiment takes less than five minutes.
  2. Find someone to experiment with and schedule a time.
    This is the biggest challenge.
  3. The subject creates an experiment and invites others to be observers.
  4. A link to your experiment goes out to those you invite.
  5. Observers will see either the subject or a random image.
  6. Subjects guess if they're being stared at, or not.
  7. Share your location so we know how far apart you are.
  8. There can be more than one observer in the same room, as long as everyone can see the screen.
  9. Do several experiments for more significant results.
  10. If your experiment is interrupted don't worry, the system will pick up where you left off. Re-open your experiment to continue.

Appeal for Information

Did your pet with dementia regain lucidity before death?

Can you tell whether a house is occupied or not?

Does your cat know who's calling?

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