Can you tell when someone is looking at the same photo you are? This experiment requires two people and takes about five minutes to complete.

How it works

One of you registers a group name and password, then you both log in at a prearranged time. In each of 12 trials you'll be randomly shown either the same picture or different ones.

After 20 seconds, you'll be asked "Was your partner looking at the same picture?" Immediately afterwards, you'll have a 50% chance of getting feedback on whether your partner was shown the same picture or not.

In half the trials you'll do the guessing while your partner concentrates on the image, then in the second half you'll reverse roles.

Notes for teachers, group leaders and family-group participants

These experiments can be done with students as an assignment or as a research projects. The lookers and subjects should be in separate buildings, or in in the same building, in separate rooms, beyond the range of sight and hearing. Families can try this test with different pairings of parents, children and siblings.

You can retrieve the details of your group's tests in a detailed table of data online. Please contact us for details of how to do this.


If the server is busy the experiment may "time out" during one of the runs, returning a "page not found" error. In this situation, you may be able to recover by pressing the reload button on your browser then carrying on as usual. If this fails, close all browsers for all participants, then open a new browser for each and login to restart the experiment.

If you experience any problem running the experiment, kindly contact us with the details about your pair's group name, internet browser and most importantly the URL at which the error occurred along with a brief description of the problem.

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