Sorry, this experiment is on hold for the time being.

Can you tell what you are about to hear? This experiment involves only one person, and takes less than six minutes to complete. You do eight trials, and receive the score at the end.

How it works

In each trial, you will be presented with an audio clip selected at random. Before you hear it, you will be presented with a list of four possibilities: a skylark singing, a speech by George W. Bush, the Beatles' Strawberry Fields, and a cat purring. You guess which audio clip you are about to hear. After you have made your selection and pressed the 'Submit' button, you will hear the sound sample for about 20 seconds. (There may be a short delay at this stage.)

Then the next trial will then begin. After each eight-trial test, you are told your score. The chance level is two. You can then try the test again.

Can you get better with practice? The more you trust your feelings, the better you are likely to do. The more you think about your guesses, the more likely your score will be at the chance level.

Please note that you will need Flash player installed in order to listen to the audio clips during the experiment.