The biologist and author Rupert Sheldrake will visit Stockholm for two lectures in Stockholm in October.

In the evening of October 12 he will have a public lecture


Entrance-fee: 200 SEK, members of the Swedish SPR 150 SEK.
Place: ABF, Sveavägen 41, Stockholm.
Organizer: Swedish Society for Psychical Research and the John Björkhem Memorial Fund.

During October 13-15 in Sigtuna, a suburb to Stockholm, close to Arlanda airport, Rupert will then participate in the 10th Biennial European Conference of the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) in Sigtuna, Sweden.

The conference is organized in collaboration with the Research Center Agora for Biosystems, Sigtuna Foundation, SSE and the Swedish SPR (Society for Psychic Research).

Dr. Sheldrake will have his own keynote lecture entitled:

The Extended Mind

He will talk about his experiments on telephone telepathy, SMS and email telepathy as well as the sense of being stared at, and some new experiments on joint attention.

He will also participate in a panel discussion about consciousness and parapsychology.

More info about this conference can be found on the conference website.

Local organizers: Hans Liljenström, director of the Research Centre Agora for Biosystems, Anders Rydberg, the European representative of SSE, and Göran Brusewitz, President of the Swedish SPR.