2nd Edition with Updated Results

Rupert Sheldrake's groundbreaking book examines unexplained natural phenomena and suggests explanations that push the boundaries of science. How does your pet know when you are coming home? How do pigeons home? Can people really feel a "phantom" amputated arm?

These questions and more form the basis of Sheldrake's look at the world of contemporary science as he puts some of the most cherished assumptions of established science to the test. New edition with results update.


"... excites thought and stimulates debate, and it enables nonscientists to partake in the dialogue." — Dennis Winters

"In any generation, there are only a handful of people whose ideas contain the possibility of significantly altering the course of human history. Dr. Rupert Sheldrake is such a person. His ideas offer a real chance for humanity to regain its spiritual bearings. We have been blessed with a rare genius." — Larry Dossey, MD

Translated Editions

Sieben Experimente, die die Welt verändern könnten
Goldmann, 1997

Sept expériences qui peuvent changer le monde
Editions du Rocher, Paris, 1995

Sette esperimenti per cambiare il mondo
Corbaccio, Milano, 1995

Siete experimentos que pueden cambiar al mundo : una guía para revolucionar la ciencia, Paidós Contextos, Barcelona, 1995

Zeven experimenten die de wereld kunnen veranderen.
Kosmos, Utrecht, 1996

Sete Experimentos Que Podem Mudar O Mundo
Cultrix, Sao Paulo, 1999

Sedm Experimentu
Elfa, Prague, 2005

Hét kísérlet, amely megváltoztathatja a világot
Biorenergetic Kiadó Kft., 2018