Kristine Oddvin Andersen
Flux Podcast

Late November 2023, Rupert visited Norway to take part in the Holberg debate in Bergen, which had conciousness as its theme. On his way back from the debate in Bergen, he sat down with Kristine Oddvin Andersen of the Innimellom podcast, produced by Flux, a Norwegian publishing house. The interview was edited by Jeanett Andrea Søderstrøm and the music was produced by Olve Flakne.

In the conversation they discuss different views on consciousness, both in and outside academia, and views on near death experiences and how they can affect a person's relationship with death. In this regard, Rupert touches upon the importance of psychedelics before he addresses the so-called new-atheism and spirituality outside of religion and what this means for the development of consciousness in today's secular society.

Rupert also gets into what different spiritual practices mean to humans, and shares which he himself practices and which he would recommend to someone who doesn’t follow any particular faith or spiritual practice.

Finally, he muses about the biggest challenges we face in the world today, and shares his thoughts on what increased screen use has done and is doing to our consciousness.

About Flux and Flux podcast

Flux is a Norwegian publishing house that publishes books on topics such as philosophy, science, psychology, health, ecology and dialogue. In addition, Flux delivers workshops in dialogue and trains dialogue fasilitators. Their podcast contains excerpts from books and conversations with authors.