Interview on BBC Radio 4

Rupert talks about his theory of Morphic Resonance on BBC's Material World, Jan 29, 2009. Bernard Carr, professor of mathematics and astronomy at Queen Mary University of London, responds from a skeptical position.

Professor Lewis Wolpert Debate

The Nature of Life - a Scientific Debate, Cambridge Science Festival, March 20 2009.

Michael Brooks Debate

A discussion between Rupert and Michael Brooks and Vivienne Parry (chair) at the Institute for Contemporary Arts, London on Jan 27 2009.

Professor Chris French Debate

Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge, Nov 29, 2006. Chaired by Professor Simon Blackburn.

Peter Atkins Debate

Read about Rupert at the BA Festival of Science, UEA Norwich Sept 2-9th 2006
Rupert's paper on Telephone Telepathy was widely reported in the media and gave rise to a major controversy. Full details, including press comments, audio interviews and discussions, and articles are here... BA Science Festival 2006