Rupert debates Prof Lewis Wolpert

The Nature of Life - a Scientific Debate, Cambridge Science Festival, March 20th 2009.

Interview on BBC Radio 4 Material World, Jan 29, 2009, given by Rupert on his theory of Morphic Resonance with comments by Prof Bernard Carr.

A discussion between Rupert and Michael Brooks and Vivienne Parry (chair) at the Institute for Contemporary Arts, London on Jan 27 2009.

The Perrott-Warrick Public Debate - Does Telepathy Happen? Department of Psychology, University of London, Nov 29, 2006. Chaired by Professor Simon Blackburn.

Read about Rupert at the BA Festival of Science, UEA Norwich Sept 2-9th 2006
Rupert's paper on Telephone Telepathy was widely reported in the media and gave rise to a major controversy. Full details, including press comments, audio interviews and discussions, and articles are here... BA Science Festival 2006