Talks by Rupert

20 public talks and technical seminars on a range of topics from morphic resonance to consciousness to creativity.

Mark Vernon

40+ conversations with Mark Vernon, psychotherapist, author and scholar of ancient philosophy.

Marc Andrus

10 dialogues exploring a range of spiritual topics with Marc Andrus, the Episcopal Bishop of California.


60+ far-reaching discussions with close friends Ralph Abraham and Terence McKenna.

Debates with Skeptics

Public debates between Rupert and Prof Lewis Wolpert, Prof Chris French, Prof Peter Atkins and others.

Matthew Fox

5 talks covering angels, God consciousness, morality and more with Matthew Fox, author and theologian.

Dr Andrew Weil

11 talks with Andrew Weil, celebrated physician and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine.

Alex Tsakiris

12 episodes of Skeptiko, the #1 podcast covering the science of consciousness, hosted by Alex Tsakiris.

Charles Eisenstein

Rupert and Charles talk metaphysics, meditation, Sam Harris and secular commodification.

Bruce Lipton

Also available in video. Rupert and Bruce Lipton discuss the nature of morphic fields.

Douglas Rushkoff

A discussion of materialism, spirituality and how we might break free from the machine metaphor.

Dean Radin

IONS Chief Scientist Dean Radin talks with Rupert about science and intuition.

More Dialogues