Navigating Consciousness

Rupert’s podcast, for talks and conversations both old and new.

Talks by Rupert

24 public talks and technical seminars on a range of topics from morphic resonance to consciousness to creativity.

Mark Vernon

60+ conversations with Mark Vernon, psychotherapist, author and scholar of ancient philosophy.


60+ far-reaching discussions with close friends Ralph Abraham and Terence McKenna.

Debates with Skeptics

Public debates between Rupert and Prof Lewis Wolpert, Prof Chris French, Prof Peter Atkins and others.

Father Bede Griffiths

Rupert's principal teacher, Fr Bede was a priest and Benedictine monk; a talk on Angels.

Matthew Fox

5 talks covering angels, God consciousness, morality and more with Matthew Fox, author and theologian.

Charles Eisenstein

Rupert and Charles talk metaphysics, meditation, Sam Harris and secular commodification.

Marc Andrus

10 dialogues exploring a range of spiritual topics with Marc Andrus, the Episcopal Bishop of California.

Dr Andrew Weil

11 talks with Andrew Weil, celebrated physician and pioneer in the field of integrative medicine.

Kristine Oddvin Andersen

A talk on consciousness, NDEs, psychedelics, spirituality, and the impact of screen use.

David Abram

Cultural ecologist and author David Abram helps Rupert answer the question; What is magic?

Rowan Williams

Archbishop of Canterbury responds to Rupert's talk on a Trinitarian Classification of Spiritual Practices.

Ralph Abraham

Talks with long-time friend and University of California Professor of Mathematics, Ralph Abraham.

Rupert Spira

Rupert and Rupert compare their respective views on the nature of consciousness.

Alex Tsakiris

12 episodes of Skeptiko, the #1 podcast covering the science of consciousness, hosted by Alex Tsakiris.

Amie Thomasson

A discussion about "nothing" with Dartmouth College professor of Intellectual and Moral Philosophy, Amie Thomasson.

Douglas Rushkoff

A discussion of materialism, spirituality and how we might break free from the machine metaphor.

Bruce Lipton

Also available in video. Rupert and Bruce Lipton discuss the nature of morphic fields.

Razi Berry

Naturopathy, morphic resonance and conscoiusness with Love is Medicine host Razi Berry.

Philosophy For Our Times

From the Institute of Art and Ideas (IAI), talks with the world’s leading thinkers.

More Dialogues