Psychedelics and Consciousness
University of Sussex

November 6th
6-8 PM

The Psychedelic Research Society
Sussex University Arts A Lecture Theatre

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Live Q&A:
Morphic Resonance, Questions and Answers

November 22
6 to 7.30 pm GMT

Part of the online course: Morphic Resonance, Memory and the Habits of Nature

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Does Consciousness Extend Beyond Brains?
Norway Bergen, Norway & YouTube Livestream

December 2nd, 2023
15-17:45, CET; 9–11:45 AM, EST

2023 Holberg Debate
University Aula, Bergen
Muséplassen 3, 5007

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Appeal for Information

Did your pet with dementia regain lucidity before death?

Can you tell whether a house is occupied or not?

Does your cat know who's calling?

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