Websites That Rupert Recommends

This website makes it easy to search for evensong choral music services across Britain and Ireland. Using just a place name or postcode one can find relevant information about cathedrals, churches, the type of choir, weekly service schedules, music lists, and contact details.

A portal for scientific investigations beyond the dogmas dominating mainstream science, including selected videos, books, journals, links to researchers and organisations, and articles on open questions in science.

PSI Encyclopedia

The Psi Encyclopedia is a new collection of articles and case studies about psi research, the scientific investigation of psychic phenomena. It's a work in progress, being created by the Society for Psychical Research in London.

Skeptical About Skeptics

Organized groups of skeptics maintain taboos against parapsychology, alternative and complementary medicine, and other subjects that do not fit into a narrow, materialist worldview. This website highlights skeptical organizations and their activities, gives a survey of current controversies, and includes a Who's Who of media skeptics.


Jill Purce

Rupert's wife, Jill Purce is renowned for introducing overtone chanting to the West. Her seminars and workshops on the "Healing Voice" and "Family Constellations" have facilitated profound personal and communal healing, merging her deep knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism and shamanic traditions with modern approaches to personal development and wellbeing. Her contributions to the field of sound healing and transpersonal psychology have left a lasting impact, making her a respected and influential voice in spiritual and therapeutic communities worldwide.

Merlin Sheldrake

Rupert and Jill’s older son, Merlin is a biologist and author celebrated for his groundbreaking work in the field of mycology. His debut book, "Entangled Life: How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds & Shape Our Futures," was a New York Times bestseller critically acclaimed for reshaping our understanding of fungi's integral role in life on Earth. With a PhD in tropical ecology from Cambridge University, and years in the field as a Smithsonian Tropical Research Fellow at the Smithsomian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, Merlin's contributions have significantly influenced both scientific thought and popular discourse on natural history and environmental interconnectedness.

Cosmo Sheldrake

Rupert and Jill's younger son, Cosmo is a singer and composer whose innovative approach to music has garnered international attention. His debut album, "The Much Much How How and I," released in 2018, received widespread acclaim for its inventive soundscapes that blend elements of folk, psychedelia, and electronic music. Cosmo is also renowned for his environmental activism, particularly through projects like "Wake Up Calls," where he uses recordings of endangered British birds to raise awareness about biodiversity loss. His new album “Eye to the Ear” will be released in April, 2024.

Terence McKenna

Author and explorer Terence McKenna spent more than twenty-five years in the study of shamanism and the ethno-pharmacology of spiritual transformation. He died in 2000. He was a great friend of Rupert's and, together with Ralph Abraham, they wrote two books: Chaos, Creativity and Cosmic Consciouness and The Evolutionary Mind. Their trialogues are available in streaming audio.

Ralph Abraham, PhD

Ralph Abraham is a mathematician and pioneer of chaos theory. He is an old friend of Rupert's and his trialogues with Rupert and Terence McKenna are online in streaming audio.

Mark Vernon

Co-host of the Sheldrake–Vernon Podcast, Mark is a prolific writer, thinker, and psychotherapist renowned for his exploration of spirituality, psychology, and philosophy. With a PhD in Greek philosophy and degrees in physics and theology, Mark's books and talks offer insightful perspectives on how ancient philosophies can inform and enrich modern living, making him a respected voice on a wide range of topics.

Guy Hayward

Guy works for Rupert as his Post-doctoral Research Fellow (Scientific & Medical Network) and also runs two projects that Rupert is associated with - The British Pilgrimage Trust and

Sebastian Penraeth

The architect and artist of Rupert's interface with the wider world, Sebastian has actively mastered this and other websites for a decade. He produces the Sheldrake YouTube Channel and multiple podcasts, and is publisher for Rupert's Ways to Go Beyond and Why They Work ebook and audiobook in the US. He is also creator and editorial director of in collaboration with the authors of the 'Manifesto for Postmaterialist Science'.

Larry Dossey, MD

Larry is an old friend of Rupert's and a pioneering advocate of the role of spirituality in healthcare.

Dean Radin, PhD

Dean is a colleague of Rupert's and one of the world's leading researchers in parapsychology.

Craig Weiler

Craig's blog and web site provide one of the best series of commentaries and updates on controversies with skeptics, including the TED and Wikipedia controversies.

Guy Lyon Playfair

A friend of Rupert's and a distinguished psychic researcher

Nick Greaves

Nick Greaves' duplication theory is in many ways similar to an idea of morphic resonance, and was thought up around the same time, independently. This theory ties in more explicitly with electricity and magnetism than morphic resonance, and is provocative, original and stimulating.

Matthew Clapp

Matthew was Rupert's first webmaster and has an excellent website discussing Rupert's work, along with that of C.G. Jung and Joseph Campbell.


Institute of Noetic Sciences

The Institute is a nonprofit research, education, and membership organization, whose purpose is to support research and education on consciousness, human potential, and personal and social transformation. Rupert is a Fellow of the Institute.

The Scientific and Medical Network

The Scientific and Medical Network is an informal international group consisting mainly of qualified scientists and doctors, together with many other professionals. The Network questions the assumptions of contemporary scientific and medical thinking, so often limited by exclusively materialistic reasoning. Rupert has been a member for more than 25 years.

Schumacher College

Schumacher College is a holistic learning centre in Devon, England, and runs short course and an MSc course in Holistic Science. Rupert is a Fellow of the college and has taught there every year since 1990.


Hollyhock is a learning centre on Cortes Island, British Columbia, Canada, where Rupert teaches every year.

The Esalen Institute

A learning centre on the Big Sur coast, in California, where Rupert has been teaching since 1982.

Society for Psychical Research

Founded in 1882, the first scholarly organization to investigate unexplained phenomena such as telepathy and precognition. Rupert has been a member since 1982.

Society for Scientific Exploration

An organization of scientists and scholars who study unusual and unexplained phenomena. Rupert has been a member since 1985.

IAI Institute of Art and Ideas

IAI aims to uncover the flaws and limitations in our current thinking in search of better alternatives. Through the annual How the Light Gets In festival, IAI presents cutting edge debates and talks from leading thinkers.

Skeptiko: Science at the Tipping Point

Podcasts dealing with open-minded investigations of unexplained phenomena and debates with hard-nosed skeptics.