Telephone Telepathy Test (UK, US, Canada, India and New Zealand only)

Can you tell who's calling? This new test involves three participants, who can use either mobile phones or landlines. It's fun to do, takes less than 10 minutes.

Joint Attention Test

In this test you and one other person see a series of pictures for 20 seconds each, and at the same time hear some music. Depending on a randomizer, in some trials your partner is shown the same picture and hears the same music as you; in others, you see a different picture and hear different music. At the end of each 20-second period one of you guesses whether the other person was looking at the same picture or not. This test takes about 5 minutes.

Research Internships (UK only)

Paid internships for school students aged from 10 to 18 in the UK: Research pets that know when their people are coming home.