N'kisi Project : Psychic Parrot?

Do you have a 'psychic' parrot?

Does your parrot:

We would be very interested in hearing about any such incidents that you may have witnessed. Please note down a brief description of these incidents, giving any relevant contextual details, and email them directly to Pam Smart. Your stories will then be added to our comprehensive research database on unexplained animal behavior.

Would you like to take part in our groundbreaking research, in partnership with your pet?

The first thing to do is to begin to keep a log of your pet's possibly telepathic behaviors. This can be easily done by keeping a notebook in the room where you interact with your pet, and noting down the date and a brief description of any such incidents as they occur. If we find that your parrot is able to regularly demonstrate potentially telepathic behavior, this log will help us to determine how to design simple experiments that you could perform with your pet, which could reproduce these phenomena in controlled conditions. If you would like, you may then be able to participate in simple experiments with your pet, like those that Aimee Morgana did with Nkisi or Pam Smart did with Jaytee.

We welcome participation by pet owners in this research, and some kinds of research with pets make ideal student projects.