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How telepathic are you? - Try Rupert Sheldrake's online telepathy test.

Have you ever had the experience of knowing who's on the phone before you pick it up? Or you think about someone - maybe for the first time in a while - and soon afterwards an email arrives? We want to find out if this is just a matter of coincidence, or whether telepathy is involved.
All you have to do is guess which one of four people is sending you a message. By the laws of chance, you'll be correct about 25% of the time, but our findings in similar experiments show that some people are correct much more often than that, which suggests that telepathy is involved. Are you one of these people?

The experiment
The experiment involves a subject (you) and two senders. You know that you will get a message at a fixed time, and you know it will be from one of these senders, or from one of two virtual senders generated by the computer. The sender is picked at random. Just before the message is due to be sent to you, you will be asked to guess who it is going to be from. You do this twelve times. The whole thing takes 15-20 minutes.

What you have to do
1. Choose your experimental group. This will consist of yourself and two close friends or family members - your senders. You are more likely to be successful if you choose people you are close to emotionally, but physical distance is not a problem. They can be anywhere in the world. The computer will generate two 'virtual people' to make the number up to four.
2. Choose a time (immediately or in the future) when everyone can be available at the computer for up to 20 minutes.
3. Register the details of your experimental group online at www.sheldrake.org.
4. You and they log on at the agreed time, making sure that everyone's sound system is activated.

For each of the trials, the computer will pick one of the senders at random and will ask them to think about you and write you a message. You will be alerted when you are about to receive a message, and you indicate who you think is about to send it. You will either be right or wrong. (You will probably do better if you don't think too much about it and go with the first thought that comes to you.)
After all twelve trials, you will be given your results in a form which you can print out if you wish.

Follow up
Rupert is interested in contacting some people who show high potentially telepathic abilities. They will be offered the chance to do the same experiment under more rigorously controlled conditions (on video to make sure they are not being contacted by any other means).

Register and Log-on
Register an experimenter group

Now, using your group name and password, Logon if the other participants are ready

Please ensure your sound system is activated.

Note for teachers and group leaders

If the hosting server is busy the experiment may "time out" during one of the twelve runs, returning a page not found error. Only in this situation, you may be able to recover by pressing the reload button on your browser then carrying on as usual. If this fails, close all browsers for all participants, then open a new browser for each to restart the experiment login procedure.

If any problems are encountered with the experiment please send as much detail as you can to:- p.e.smart@btinternet.com with your group name, internet browser and most importantly the URL at which it occured along with a brief description of the problem


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