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  Mobile Telephone Telepathy Test

Try Rupert Sheldrake's Mobile Telephone telepathy test!

To take part you you need two contacts, who should be family members or other people you know well. You all need to have mobile phones, and your senders will need to have some credit. The test takes very little of anyone's time and you can do it wherever you are.

You all need to be in the UK or in the US

How the test works:
You register online through the UK or US link below, entering your mobile phone number and the numbers of your two contacts. You should enter their names in alphabetical order, so that you can remember who is number 1 or 2. The test starts soon afterwards. You should not be in the same place as your contacts while the test is going on.

A computer picks one of your two contacts at random and sends her a text message asking her to call you at a number given in the message. Her call is answered by a computer that asks her to put in a pin number, also given in the message. The computer then calls you and asks you to guess which of your two contacts is on the line. You reply by pressing 1 or 2, and the line then opens up and you can talk for up to 1 minute. 

After a random time delay, the computer then does the same thing again, until 6 trials have been completed, and the test ends. You then receive a text message telling you how many times you were right out of 6. By chance you would be right about 3 times.  


In the UK, if for any reason you need to stop the test after registering, you can do so by calling the telepathy test number 020 7112 1881 and pressing the 'star' key on the key pad.



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