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Rupert Sheldrake invites you to participate in his ongoing research. No previous experience is necessary, and the tests can be done immediately. Most of these experiments are suitable for use in schools and colleges, and some make an excellent basis for student projects.
The following experiments can be carried out at home. They do not require an internet connection.

Offline Tests

In the spirit of Darwin, who recorded many of his observations in the simplicity of his garden and never held an institutional post, Dr. Sheldrake encourages enthusiasts of the paranormal to explore seven of the world's most enigmatic common occurrences by using simple resources of their own.

The feeling of being looked at from behind is remarkably common. So is the experience of looking at someone from behind and finding that they turn round. Surveys show that about 90% of the population have personally experienced these phenomena.


  Telephone Telepathy Experiment

Many people have found that they think about someone they haven't thought of for a while, and then that person calls. Also, many people say that sometimes when the telephone starts ringing they sometimes know who is calling them, even when they had no reason to expect this person to call. Have a go yourself!

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